Art et design d'intérieur : entretenir de bonnes relations

Art and interior design: maintaining a good relationship

The relationship between artist and designer

Art and interior design have always been linked. Both are critical aspects of architectural design; however, the two have distinct purposes. Art focuses on the expression of an idea or emotion, while interior design is about creating functional spaces. The association of these two creative fields offers personalized spaces that enhance everyday life and which form, in the best of cases, a symbiosis .

The relationship between art and interior design is continuous and complementary. This means that the two disciplines continue to grow in parallelism. The more people have integrated to use art in their architectural projects, the more they understand how to use it to enhance the decoration of their personal living spaces. Interior art and design have a great future ahead of them; in an era where man lets machines create for him, these disciplines resist by the importance of creativity , and the difficulty that results from it.

Together, the search for excellence

Artists and interior designers work to create spaces that meet the needs of their clients. They go out of their way to make these spaces relevant to the people who live there. Artists and interior designers work together to create spaces that will capture customers' attention as they move through personal places. In this regard, the relationship between art and interior design is complicit : it is excellent because it allows both parties to get to know each other better and learn to work together to create personalized spaces .

Both disciplines also benefit from collaborating with other designers to create "looks" for spaces. Artists and interior designers can take care of designing a particular atmosphere appropriate to the needs of customers. They can join forces to design works that will ideally complement this new space. The symbiosis between artists and interior designers gives spaces an intimate, warm, healthy and natural atmosphere while ensuring an individual style through a varied palette of colors and shapes .

As the world becomes urbanized every day, people need spaces that creatively express the tastes and personality of their owners. The combined efforts of artists and interior designers create personalized spaces that enhance everyday life. A healthy relationship between art and interior design ensures that the two grow together allowing both to learn and work with each other to create beautiful and functional spaces for all to enjoy.

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