L’influence de l'art dans la décoration d’intérieur

The influence of art in interior design

In the 1920s, just after the First World War, a new trend was to completely transform the design of our interiors: art deco.

At that time, after going through a period marked by conflict, everyone dreams of beauty, lightness, colors and design. Hence the success of this avant-garde style, which removes  the boundaries between decoration, craftsmanship and the artistic.

The interior layout has been completely redesigned to invite discovery and wonder. Born in Belgium and very quickly adopted by French artists, who made its reputation, art deco then spread to the four corners of the planet. With, at that time, 3 key words: order, color and geometry.

In 2022, in an anxiety-provoking climate, this movement is back in force...to better reinvent itself. We remain faithful to the art deco spirit, but we free ourselves from the norms. We're back to basics: putting contemporary art back at the heart of our home sweet homes to enhance each room, create a unique atmosphere and imagine a decor with extra soul.

"I can fill the sphere around me with the joy of just being me" by Adrien Marcos

Works of art: the centerpieces of a successful interior decoration

There is no need to renew all your furniture or embark on pharaonic works to feel at home. Too often, the error is to focus only on the coating of the walls or the volumes of an apartment.

However, what makes a place unique, what catches the eye and gives cachet , are the works of art. Figurative, abstract, classic or rebellious, they reflect the personality of the guests and produce a cozy atmosphere, tinged with luxury and rarity . We leave the standardized to show a little of ourselves.

For interior designer Daniele Coldling , the key is to approach emerging artists, these new talents who dare to use color and reinvent decoration. A resin sculpture by Falcone, such as the Portafortuna or the Infinity by Adrien Marcos, will, for example, bring a touch of vitality to a vestibule, a hallway or a bedroom.

Each piece can also have its own universe : the elegance of Maeva Drack 's creations work wonders for the decoration of the living room, the minimalism and vibrant flat areas of Zyrko invite contemplation in an office or living room...

"Midnight Blue" by Maeva Drack

"Midnight Blue" by Maeva Drack

Create your own collection: a great adventure to experience decoration on the pleasure side

Wander the galleries, hunt around, be surprised by the latest trends, explore the pool of made in France talents ...

Contemporary art is not only modern, brilliant and multifaceted. It is also a great gateway to Culture with a "capital C", one that questions, soothes and enchants. There is a real pleasure in going to meet the works , in acquiring a "coup de coeur" which will trigger an emotion and make an intimate chord vibrate in oneself.

This luxury decoration is no longer the prerogative of a few happy few: there are paintings and sculptures at all prices. For example, the acrylic canvases of the Lyon artist Caza , in lively and joyful tones, are available from 80 €.

With, always, the perspective of an advantageous future coast !

The young prodigies of today may be the big names of tomorrow. Framed artwork or wall hangings purchased at affordable rates for decorative purposes may be worth significantly more in years to come. For example, Pablo Picasso's "Woman Seated Near a Window" saw an increase of more than 1400% from its original price...until selling last year for 103, $41 million ( source ).

Similarly, the lucky ones who invested just $100 in 2000 in a work by Peter Doig now own canvases worth $2,300, which represents a spectacular increase of 2,200% ( source ).

So rather than an umpteenth reproduction of a Van Gogh or a Renoir, we dare to trust our tastes and desires by exhibiting beautiful contemporary nuggets at home.

Art, the essential centerpiece

Interior design includes many components, all equally important. However, it is the decorative objects themselves that are the key elements.

Art is essential when it comes to creating a complete decoration, especially paintings and sculptures. Precious, they are the most watched and embody the final touch that completes the design of each space.

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